First Class

Preschool Age 3 to 5 years old

Our program for preschool age children is  an exceptional place for young minds to learn.  Your children will be safe, warm, cared for.  We provide two snacks, meals are brought in by parents.  Some of the skills your child will be working on will include problem solving, conflict resolution, making predictions and becoming independent through the development of self-help skills.  We engage in circle time each day, we talk about the weekly theme, share stories and songs, and expand our learning as a group.  The ability to remain focused and sustain attention will help prepare them for the Pre-K classroom in next year.

About Your Preschooler and Learning

Preschool age is where our littlest people really start to grow. Attention spans increase, numbers and letters become recognizable, and problems begin to be solved. Also, emotions are expressed more clearly, relationships with others are formed, and the joy of achievement becomes something to strive for.  We gear our preschool curriculum to encourage and nurture growth during these formative, happy years.  From crafts to stories, poems and music, to introducing tools (crayons, child-safe scissors) to basic reading, counting and computer use.  We’ll ensure your children are well-prepared for Kindergarten.  We also encourage “everyday learning,” by continued learning of self-help skills, such as appropriate potty etiquette, washing hands, etc.

Open Communication

Fun Luvin Daycare Center understands the importance of communication between our teachers and parents.  That is why, each day, you will be offered the opportunity to share information about your child, such as his or her sleeping patterns, eating schedule, special events to share with the group, general disposition and any special considerations.  At the end of each day, you will see the day's activities, projects and discussions.  For your convenience and awareness, the weekly curriculum, calendar, menus, notices and other important information are displayed.  We would be happy to discuss preschool needs with you.  We invite you to read why we’re different, and if you wish to schedule a visit, simply click here to use the form to contact us.