Baby Stars

Infants 6 weeks to 18 months old

Our warm, soothing infant room is a secure, happy home away from home for infants ages 6 weeks to 18 months. We welcome any special dietary needs.
For infants, we tailor our programs toward auditory and visual recognition, songs, sounds, smiles and giggles, counting, and similar. We also assist in teaching basic motor skills, such as crawling, and even first steps.

We’ll ensure your child has the start in life that he or she deserves.

We know leaving your infant away from home is a big step. We’ll make that step as easy as possible. 

For young toddlers

Exploration of the world around them is a natural developmental stage. Our Baby Stars program builds the curriculum around this innate sense of curiosity while considering the appropriate social, cognitive and emotional stages.

At this age, children are becoming more curious about their environment. In order to support this, children are free to explore in a classroom that stimulates natural learning. We also read favorite books and sing songs each day during a short circle time. Children are encouraged, but not forced, to participate in circle time activities.


The Baby Stars program encourages language development by immersing children in a language rich environment and by actively communicating with children during daily activities. Children are encouraged to use language to express their needs and emotions. We work in partnership with our families so that children can effectively communicate with both their teachers and their family members.

Facilitating communication between parents and our teachers is one of our top priorities. Daily, parents are given the chance to share pertinent information about their toddler, such as sleeping patterns, eating schedule, general disposition and any current special considerations. Parents also receive a daily report including their child’s activities, sensory experiences, art projects, and music and movement activities as well as feedings, naps and diapering.